Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Mediated by Acupuncture

Gallbladder 34 is known as the influential point of the sinews and is indicated for neuromuscular problems in general.  In addition to strengthening the sinews and tendons, it also clears Damp Heat.  I believe that the terms “Heat” and “Fire” in Chinese medicine refer to the same thing westerners refer to as “inflammation”.  To be inflamed, if you think about it, means to be on fire, yes?  Dampness in Chinese can indicate heaviness – a consequence of inflammation, perhaps?

All in all I wish to know more details about this study: what was the method for stimulating the points? Was it light stimulation on the needle or heavy?  What were the animal models used in this study? etc etc

Again, more studies to look forward to.

 Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Mediated by Acupuncture

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